A Deepening Crisis

There is trouble in the land.  The signs that things are not right confront us daily.  The mainstream media focuses on conflict, politics and the economy, but we know the disintegration goes far deeper.

The illness reveals itself in hostility and bitterness, in material deprivations, in the degradation of human dignity and loss of moral responsibility.  Many of us share a sinking feeling.  We are afraid of the future and, increasingly, we fear one another.

Numerous oncoming crises rise like storm clouds above a darkening horizon.

I have surveyed some of these threats in Chapter Two of the coming book: “A Confluence of Crises.”  Many are interrelated.  I have argued that we must pull ourselves together despite our differences, both for self-preservation and to ensure the endurance of the America we value and believe in.

The broad themes running through this blog (and the book) are the survival of this constitutional republic and the necessity for Americans to work together, shoulder-to-shoulder in the coming years to meet local needs and resolve local problems.

As challenging as this may be, we really do not have a choice.

My purpose here is to reach out to my fellow Americans, to propose practical tools, and with a positive spirit, to get us through a dark chaotic time and out the other side.

I believe our greatest challenge will be to recognize the love and hope for this country we all share despite our many differences.  This can only happen when we determine to inquire and listen to one another with a genuine interest in finding a shared understanding.

We are called upon to rebuild the foundations of the nation in preparation for a future we can respect and believe in.  This will require courage, patience, determination.

The negativity and hopelessness we sometimes feel are caused by the crises around us and must not be permitted to define our future.  Even when we cannot see our way clearly, we must ensure that our actions are consistent with the ends we seek.

The dangers of internal conflict and disunity are especially great in a degrading social order.  We have arrived at an historic turning point, both as Americans and as human beings.

The world is undergoing massive structural change, a process taking place outside the realm of our normal experience and expectations.  This is caused by events that are beyond our control, but we have to deal with it.

What do I mean by structural change?

Examples include the uncontrolled advance of technology that threatens life and liberty, the unprecedented complexity of economic relationships and fiscal distortions, the overwhelming dominance of the very wealthy, and the threats of terrorism, bankrupt governments, and a large aging population with insufficient savings.

All of these have little to do with partisan politics.  That mistakes have been made and illusions foolishly pursued is undeniable.  But, very big changes are coming that are actually not anyone’s fault.

This blog has focused on values, principles, and learning to live in community – because we are entering new territory.  We have passed beyond the limits of our understanding and experience.

To think of the future in terms of recovering the past will not be helpful.  We must pick ourselves up, hit the reset button, and move forward with a spirit that is congruent with a rapidly changing reality.


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Please note that a full draft of Chapter Six, “Confronted by the Past”, has recently been added to others at the top of the page.

3 thoughts on “A Deepening Crisis

  1. In my opinion, when we are face to face with chaos & a rapidly changing reality, it will be an advantage if we have previously made plans & followed through to unite with those around us. If we are not united with those in our neighborhoods we will be faced with a disadvantage due to fear & distrust from those with whom we are trying to form an alliance. The alliance we form will need to discover the talents & resources each member can bring to the group. Respect & appreciation for each group member will help to form the alliance. The sooner these relationships are formed the better. He who hesitates may be lost.


  2. Tom, you hit the nail on the head. Even if we fixed the problems that exist and brought the corrupt to accountability and justice, we would still have to deal with the massive inevitable forces of change. This will require the best of us individually and collectively.
    Gary K


  3. I am seeing rapid changes due to advancing technologies and schools that offer nothing related to the new technologies. The end result is unemployable adults and unprepared high school graduates competing for minimum wage jobs. The anger and frustration building among lower income Americans is developing into an explosive situation. Throw in the people trying to escape the horrors in South America, politicians stirring with fear mongering, and it’s “them against us”. Non-citizens are competing for the same jobs and public benefits that are dwindling with budget cuts and mechanized manufacturing. A perfect storm has arrived. We live in interesting and scary times. Keep writing, Tom…


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