Liberty Begins With Justice

Liberty cannot be pulled out of the air. It is a way of life – prepared, nurtured, and formed on the foundation of justice. This is important to understand when the world around us seems to be flying apart.

If we are to keep our balance in a deteriorating situation, and still build stability for our families and communities, how can we best prepare ourselves?  This means more than simply material preparation for hard times, although that is important, too. Finding strength and fortitude in ourselves is essential, and this is a challenge both spiritually and mentally.

Many of us are already faced with difficult circumstances and are responding with courage and a steady hand. The effort that goes into this can best be supported by our ability to take the long view – to have a sense of why this is happening, where it is going, and a belief that justice can and will prevail in the end.

I suggest that a conceptual foundation exists, if we can only recognize it, which allows us to hold our ground in a world gone insane. Whether this idea is viewed through religious or philosophical eyes, I believe we can all benefit from a way of understanding the ground we stand on. It is both reasonable and dependable, and it offers a stable basis for living.

Because I think things are going to get worse before they get better.

Everyone sees things differently. Yet, freedom of action depends upon accurate perceptions, and the wisdom to recognize the limits of our personal knowledge and perspective. The concept proposed below can be immensely helpful in the effort to determine the right course of action in difficult circumstances.

The reality we live in, both physically and metaphysically, has a dynamic and perfectly balanced “functional structure” that we can see with our own eyes, (and not through the eyes of others), and understand for ourselves without being influenced by others.
Justice is the governing principle and inherent character of this structure.

This concept sees justice as the ultimate balance realized in the self-sustaining structure of the whole of reality. Or, to put it in another way, justice is that functional actuality (or reality) to which all things belong, and which remains unified and transcendent despite all the disruptions and imbalances caused by human activity.

When things get crazy it can be helpful to understand that a firm and inviolable structure supports the reality of things. We must endeavor to align ourselves with it rather than disrupt it.

Such an understanding can be the starting point for both thought and action.

If we are to prepare ourselves to rebuild our communities and nation in a manner consistent with our values, we will have to adjust our perceptions to the rapid change that comes with crises. Here we have a foundation that allows us to exercise responsibility, build stable relationships, and conduct our lives with confidence.

I hope you find it helpful. Life is a challenge, living as we do in a world dominated by materialism, egotism, and conflict. It is not possible to fully comprehend the reality in which we find ourselves. But, I submit to you that an ultimate and indestructible balance does, in fact, exist at the foundation of things.

Justice is that pure and ordered condition in which we have the opportunity to bring ourselves into balance with the world of existence as it truly is – and as I believe it is meant to be.

To be continued next week.


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